Welcome to the OnTheMove app downloading pages!

As this trial is part of a research project we have a duty to inform you about the project, the app, your rights as user and get explicit consent from you.  We apologize in advance for its length.  We hope you will not be deterred by this, this project and the citizens in your borough will really benefit if you use the app and give us your feedback.   The main stages to follow are:

  1. First we will present to you the Participant Information Sheet (explaining our project), plus other useful information about the system,
  2. Then we will need to issue consent to take part in this trial (through a Consent Form which we need you to read, sign and send before proceeding),
  3. Then  we will need you to fill in a (short) questionnaire to gather your opinions now before using the app,
  4. and finally, we will offer the details to download and install the app.

This project will run through September.  In the last week of the month we will send a notification through the app to request your feedback by filling in a short questionnaire. 

It is important you first have a look at the participant information sheet which you can also download here:

Other supplementary information about the app which you may like to download for future reference:


  • For those intending to use the app in an iPhone: there are issues with iPhone11 which may not allow you to use it so try to use an older model.
  • For those intending to use the app in a Samsung phone with Android here there is a more detailed explanations on the download and install process which may be more comfortable to download now to your laptop and come back to it to guide your installation in the phone later on when you reach the latest stage of this process:

We need you to provide consent for taking part in this feedback gathering exercise. Please download the following Consent Form and (after reading its content) follow the instructions at the end to send it to us:

After you have sent the signed Consent Form you can proceed to the initial questionnaire and installation instructions by following this LINK (it connects you to a different system MDX-Qualtrics).

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