Ambient Assisted Living – Night-time Support – Early Stages of Dementia


(Night Optimised Care Technology for UseRs Needing Assisted Lifestyles)

Dr. Juan Carlos Augusto, founder of GOODIES, was grant writer, successful bidder, scientific coordinator and active research team member.

The project was jointly funded by The Technology Strategy Board (now Innovate UK) and EPSRC.

Duration: September 2008 – January 2012.

Public Output from the project:

A reference to this project is made in the annual report to Parliament (Department of Health) on research and development in assistive technology (AT) authored by the Foundation for Assistive Technology (FAST): “Research and development work relating to assistive technology 2011-12“, July 2012, page 29-30.

A video clip demo is available in YouTube:

The following are the main scientific publications:

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