eFriend Project

eFRIEND is a framework for incorporating ethical principles into the development of intelligent environments. Based on a critical review of existing approaches to ethics in the field, eFRIEND proposes an alternative, more holistic framework. It is guided by core ethical principles, including user-centricity, privacy and data protection, safety and security, autonomy, transparency, dignity and equality. eFRIEND shows how these principles can be embedded into actual projects and systems, not just in theory, but in practice.

eFRIEND has already been used in the development of an actual system to create smart environments which provide intelligent support for young adults with Down’s Syndrome.

The full paper shows how these core ethical principles were incorporated into the project’s deliverables, then translated into key technical requirements and specifications. This paper can be accessed here. An earlier, shorter version of the framework can be accessed here.


eFRIEND: an Ethical Framework for Intelligent

eFRIEND: an Ethical Framework for Intelligent full paper