Context-Awareness to Aid Personalization of Asthma Management Plans

Context-Aware solutions are promising tools to address the required personalization of asthma treatments as, by definition, they are potentially capable of adapting their features to the specific characteristics of each person’s asthma. Personalized context-aware solutions have the potential to provide meaningful data to be used as input for more complex decision-making process including technologies related to big and small data [1].
One of the promising future application for Case-Based Reasoning is using it to adapt procedures and reasoning strategies to personal constraints described by contextual information itself. The asthma management process fits under this category because early-asthma-diagnosed people need to discover their triggers and symptoms in order to adapt their asthma plans to their personal constraints that are defined by those triggers and symptoms. This initial personalization process can benefit from using CBR.
The use of C-AR together with CBR techniques can be used to solve problems that are not completely understood, like dealing with evolving context adaption [2]. Asthma management corresponds to this problem as the heterogeneity of the condition evolves over time, what means that people with asthma are constantly updating their triggers and symptoms while their condition develops. This makes it challenging to create C-AR solutions supporting the personalization of asthma management as they need to adapt considering that the contexts of people with asthma change over time.
The aim of this project is to study how C-AR and CBR can aid the personalization of the asthma management process. An approach to represent context of people with asthma in a more comprehensive way has been developed [1]. The main experimental part of this research work is being carried out through developing and validating a mobile application that implements a C-AR + CBR component supporting the personalization of asthma management.

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