Smart Health Handbook

We are currently in the process of compiling a comprehensive guide that will cover the latest advancements, innovations, and future outlook in the realm of Smart Health. This will be published, in 2025, as a book entitled “Smart Health Handbook”. It will provide a comprehensive overview of Smart Health as the new developing paradigm of technology facilitated health and well-being. It will cover all the major areas of Smart Health, both the fundamental areas which enable these systems as well as the more specific applications, the challenges and the latest innovations.

Your contribution could take the form of a research paper, case study, or a survey, providing valuable insights into the intersection of technology and healthcare. The goal is to create a resource that not only highlights current trends but also serves as a practical guide for professionals and researchers alike.

The book will be published by IOS Press/SAGE in the very well established and indexed “Studies in Health Technology and Informatics” books series. You would need to prepare your article using either the MsWord or LaTeX template available at: The expected length of each chapter is 15-25 pages (in the official format provided above).

There is no specific deadline, however we are expecting to publish this book in 2025, as soon as we gathered the material we consider necessary.

The list of topics we are aiming to cover are listed further down.  As chapters in specific topics are accepted additional chapters coming later on for that area will not be considered.

There is no cost associated with publishing an accepted chapter as part of this Handbook and authors of accepted chapters will be also given free online access to the full Handbook when published.

For specific enquiries please contact the Editor of the book:

Prof. Juan Carlos Augusto

Head of the RG on Development of Intelligent Environments Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Middlesex University, London, United Kingdom


Technical Areas of Interest

(areas in green are topics which are still available for submission, those in orange are topics which have been covered and we are no longer expecting contributions on)


History of Smart Health

Smart Health Definitions and Terminology



Technical infrastructure

Healthcare Models





Smart Homes

Smart Hospitals




Artificial Intelligence

for EEG interpretation

for clinical prediction


Machine Learning

Process Management and Mining

Federated Learning for Privacy

Speech Analytics

Reinforcement Learning

Explainable/reliable AI for healthcare



Intuitive Interfaces

Non-invasive physiological monitoring




Wireless communication

Patient Care Outcomes

Resilience in Healthcare Systems


Health Data Privacy

Improving Access and Quality

Reducing Medical Errors

Technological Infrastructure/HW/equipment


applied to people with intellectual disability

Smart manikins for life support

Nano medicine

Smart Medical Devices



Wearable health system


Assisted Living

Cognitive decline

          Early detection of Alzheimer’s based on HAA

Diabetes Care

Disaster Preparedness


Mental Health

MDD -major depressive disorders.

Survey on technology used in various mental conditions (such as bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia)

         Obesity Management

Occupational Health

Personalized Health

Women’s Health


Social isolation

          Special needs

Sports and Leisure


App to manage stress


Societal Impact

Professional acceptance and effect of AI in smart health

Ethical issues

Legal issues

Regulatory systems

Safety issues

Future Outlook

Generative AI

 Breaking Language Barriers

Robotic companions

Smart Cities

Virtual and mixed reality

Extended reality in medical diagnosis and surgery planning

Others not listed above